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Thread: Teenage horse whisperer

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    Teenage horse whisperer

    Just watched this programme on the box.
    What an excellent example of how working one to one with animals can help even the most troubled youngsters.
    The woman in charge of this excellant enterprise needs to be applauded. U nfortunately it seems that the celebrities of this world are more important than these precious individuals who work on ,more or less anonomously,what a shame.!!

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    Hi Hummel, Do you have a link?.

    ATB Barry

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    In many ways this encompases my post " need some advice" I have two wonderful daughters (10 and 15) and they have had what I would term a wonderfull upbringing in the countryside with dogs and game,animals and to the knowledge of life and death and what that means an entails. They understand what really matters if that means anything these days .


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