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Thread: Uk Distribution.

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    Uk Distribution.

    AS most of us on here would probably welcome wild boar being more spread, and something we could all add to our quarry list, why do you think it is that they havent spread as initially thought? From what i can see they are still located in a few isolated pockets close to initial escape sites, yet i read of boar being capable of moving 20 miles per night. Is it just that they find a big wood/habitat that provides all their needs and safety etc and have no need to move on?, Is it down to shooting pressure? I know for one ive had boar sightings/shot about 20 miles from me and been waiting 10 years for them to move!!

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    I would say over shooting every man and his dogs wants to shoot Boar so they don't get left long enough, big bucks in wild boar at moment

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    I think most of the time it must be the damage they do no farmer will put up with that fences down full fields turned over cattle feeds smashed in etc So they need shot or a place were they will not come into contact with Famers with crops to protect.

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    Very tricky to keep bore on your land and shoot them regularly aswell ,if you hit them too
    often they soon learn to move on .A sounder will use a 2,000 acre patch of land to
    themseves ,but spread out as numbers increase,the bore in my area have moved round
    the hill about 7 or 8 miles in ten years

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    As already mentioned, because they keep getting shot, dead boar don't breed !

    Most introduced animals go through a long period of low numbers before they start to increase and spread, then if there is an ecological niche vacant, the popluation can explode. I would say that we are still in the low numbers stage and may well be for some time yet due to high velocity bullets meeting pigs, but sometime in the future (unless there is a concerted campaign of elimination) the numbers will increase and the range will expand, whether this will be in the south of England I do not know. Scotland has to be the place were this is most likely to happen first/ quickest, just for the fact that the main areas for boar currently are so heavily forested with a much lower human popoulation density.

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    Habitat, hunting pressure and lack of seasonal protection. They won't survive well in the extended blocks of commercial conifers alone and the natural mixed woodlands we have where you have ideal conditions are not always extended areas. Having said that some populations where there's good habitat like the Dean's are doing fine. We don't have a high woodland coverage percentage in the UK but it is increasing. We have plenty of crops to help the out where boar get a hold but then the farmer gets the boys in. Fingers crossed though for the piggies long term

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    The original boar in the Forest of Dean were of East European stock and were released/escaped from a boar farm at Weston under Penyard near Ross on Wye in 1997. For about 10 years they did not stray very far from the main block of woods adjacent to the farm. By 2007 they were starting to push down into the main forest and also were seen over the Wye. Another release in 2004 near Staunton on the opposite side of the forest was into a large block of virtually continuous woodland than runs down the Wye Valley and south to the Severn. These boar seem to have spread far more quickly and have populated areas up to 15 miles from the original release point and again crossed the Wye.

    Apart from their origins, the main difference between the two FoD releases was that the woods where the original release took place were a bit of an island whereas the second release was into a block of virtually continuous woodland. Clearly both groups have spread but maybe the fact that the latter spread far more quickly and more widley has something to do with access to woodland.

    On the other hand the recent release in Devon seem to have spread very quickly and again quite far afield and have crossed farmland to do it.
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    Paul is correct in what he says.

    The boar around the first release location have been well and truly hammered, and although they were quite well established and increasing slowly, the numbers have certainly dwindled now or moved on(?). Even up until a few years ago I would regularly see them or catch site of them crossing the roads, but not any more. Too many people with no regard as to what they shot and no close season. Admittedly the area they were in was / is very small and unless they spread into other areas quickly the population was always going to be under pressure. They are still there, and I am sure they will continue to do so, they are intelligent animals and able to adapt to outside forces. I have heard many reports of sightings further and further afield so fingers crossed! I also know they still get blasted with a 222 or shotgun!

    The boar in the Forest of Dean have a much, much bigger area of woodland, and although the forestry take a good number, the pressure from hunting is less because of the restriction of who can shoot there and the boar population is much larger. They are still shot in numbers on private land around this area, and again I hear reports of sightings further afield.

    I am convinced they are here to stay given a chance.



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    The distribution and evidence of sitings can be followed on this very interesting site:

    I don't think they would be very impressed at the thought of members of the shooting community using their site though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gimlet View Post
    The distribution and evidence of sitings can be followed on this very interesting site:

    I don't think they would be very impressed at the thought of members of the shooting community using their site though.
    Don't be too concerned about that, the owner of that site is registered on here and is very relaxed about the shooting of boar. He also gets a fair bit of content from here and publishes photos (with the owner's permission).

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