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Thread: Head preparation?

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    Smile Head preparation?

    Approximately how long does it take to prepare deer heads to be transported back to the US? Imagine that, another question, thanks capt david

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    Not long to prepare the head capes need to be salted and dry it's then best to use a shipping firm to handle paper work and vet inspections as US customs can a right pain. They nearly incinerated a shipment of 42 trophies last year

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    Just the head about an hour.

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    All I'm interested in are skulls for what we call European mounts. capt david

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    once heads are boiled I would still advise a shipping firm I send three to four shipments back to outfitters and booking agents in the US, they normally use Baltimore as the port of entry and then reship from there. I use rainbow freight you should find them on the internet. I am afraid the time when we use to pack them in the suitcase has gone the risk of losing the trophies and large fines on your side is now to high.

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    Would you please give me some idea of the cost? thanks, capt david

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    Quote Originally Posted by captdavid View Post
    All I'm interested in are skulls for what we call European mounts. capt david
    About an hour to boil and clean and a bit longer to bleach, charges for preparing trophy's vary a bit for example for a straight forward cut, boil ,clean and bleach I charge £20 if you want it mounted on a shield with engraved plaque stating
    where and when shot then I charge like a wounded buffalo
    Seriously these are the things to ask when you make a booking so that you know exactly what your trip is going to cost and that there are no nasty surprises.

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