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Thread: syndicate places still available

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    syndicate places still available

    i have still 3places available in a 2800 acer block near bonchester bridge scotish borders. good block lot of diffrent age trees very open .cull 50 60 roe .fc rules apply level 2 is needed there is a pub 2 miles away b b lease runs from 1 april 1250 first year 1005 after that pm for any

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    I have been looking to get involve with a syndicate but I only have level 1
    Just out of curiosity, how many members?. How many deer are you likely to shoot for 1250 pounds?,, Are all FC leases as expensive as this ??


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    Level 1 is not allowed on FC ground. You will find a lot of empty spaces and cheap stalking in the next few years IMHO.

    That and a scramble to to Level 2

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    Not all f/c ground has the level 2 restrictions on it. I stalk in a small syndicate, north of the border and don't posses one.

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    I think FC minimum criteria is level 1 but potential bidders like to have all their syndicate members with level 2 because it scores higher on the initial application form prior to interview selection.

    PS I know of the ground that TACO C is advertising and its a cracking area i have stalked very close to there for over 15 years and the quaility of trophys in that area are good too , I have just joined another syndicate that i know is good a few miles away the other side of Bonchester Bridge otherwise i would be joining this one.


    Deer Stalker

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    I think you will find 308 boy is on the money with this one. you need lev two or you will need to be working towards it and need to be accompanied by a lev2 at all times .If you take this option you will need to gain the Qualification with in the first 12 months. But if you are bidding for a lease like some will be in the future it will go against you if you have a lev 1 in your group as oposed to a lev 2 so in reality there are now no real training oppertunitys on Government ground.

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    We have just picked up a Lease with the FC and we have 2 x Level 2 and 2x Level 1 in Syndicate. The FC require the Level 1's to have completed their 3 ICRs and obtained Level 2 within 12 months otherwise they cannot continue on the lease.

    The FC have confirmed that the Level 1 can take an AW onto the lease ground (as the Level 2 competent person) with prior approval of the FC so that the Level 1 can complete their training

    Michelle- if you do not possess Level 1 I suspect that your lease is an old one and coming up to the end of the 5 year term and will be re-tendered or that someone is breaking the FC rules. All FC leases being issued now require that the lease holder is Level 2 and even more likely to get a lease if on the Fit & Competent register with all syndicate members either requiring Level 2 or 1 as stated above.
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    Evening firsttimer. I do have the Level one, but not Level two. You are quite correct with us being in the middle of a five year lease, which gives us no restrictions on the compulsary level 2.

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    hi michelle if you do not get level 2 when the lease ends you will not get it renewed
    regards tom

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    Tom- Not strictly true. Assuming the current lease is to be re-tendered and Michelle's syndicate win it, the Permit Holder must be Level 2, and within 12 months of the commencement, Michelle as one of the names on Part 3 of the schedule would need to complete her Level 2 portfolio. If she does not get it within 12 months from the commencement then she will not be able to continue on, on the lease.

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