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Thread: Which 308 on a budget?

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    Which 308 on a budget?

    I've been looking at the cz 550 lux, which is around 800 new. Has anyone used one, if so what did you think? Or has anyone got any better makes or models I can look at, for a deer stalking rifle.
    Many thanks Oli

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    Would you consider going 2nd hand? A chap who shoots in the same club as me got a nice Parker Hale (I think) in 308 for less than 300 quid. In the real world I'd say it shoots at least as well as my Blaser. That would leave you more in the budget for good optics and other bits and bobs.

    Just a thought and might be something you've considered and rejected. As for CZ - I've shot a few and they always seem like good rifles to me.

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    I just bought a Howa off Thar and it seems to be good so far.

    Just waiting for the mounts and we will see how it shoots but the way it is put together seems very sound.

    Might be worth a consider


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    Yes would consider a second hand Parker Hale, as read lots of good things about them on this site. If he could e mail details. I've looked on gun trader, however it's difficult to tell how much use they've had without seeing them in the flesh.

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    have you looked at the Howa 1500? I have just bought one and prices are pretty good, especially second hand. have a look at Steve Beatty at Ivythorn shooting
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    Quote Originally Posted by Oli223 View Post
    I've been looking at the cz 550 lux, which is around 800 new. Has anyone used one, if so what did you think? Or has anyone got any better makes or models I can look at, for a deer stalking rifle.
    Many thanks Oli
    a mate of mine bought one of the 550 lux a while ago and it is a stunning rifle and well worth the money !

    ive had a 550 american in 6.5x55 and it was a seriously accurate rifle , you wont go wrong wth them .

    cheers lee

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    How does the CZ feel to you when you handle it and brign it to your shoulder ?

    If it feels good then you will not go wrong. I would however suggest you try seveal other makes and models and get a feel for which is best for YOU!

    I have not shot the CZ550 model there is something which does not look right when compared the the old ZKK 600 series. The Americans got involved in the redesign and re-style and messed it up to my eyes. Luckily I have a nice ZKK 601 in .308 so I am safe .

    The barrels are just as well made as they used to be it seems and have not heard poor reports on their shooting and precision on target. I do feel that the Importers have jumped on the band wagon price wise though.
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    my first two rifles were cz 550 one was a lux and one was an american both were 243 the were a bit heavy for hill stalking but very accurate and robust

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    Hi Oli223, i have a 30-06 in CZ 550 American and i love it.Great accuracy and great looking.Tried and trusted Muaser action.The triggar can be adjusted to your liking.I have used my rifle from Africa to the hills of Scotland and it has never let me down.Dont be frieghtened of second hand as they are very robust rifles.I also have a Lux 550 in 243 and that shoots like a laser.Best value for money rifles they shoot better out of the box than many rifles of twice the price.

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