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Thread: First deer stalk and first deer shot :)

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    First deer stalk and first deer shot :)

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    Ian(Magnum) and I booked a day with John Robson from Yorkshire Deer Stalking. John picked us up at 6am this morning and took us out to one of his permissions. Ian chose to sit out in a good spot with Johns mate Mal while myself and John stalked through the adjoining woodland and down to the river in the bottom of the valley. Hadn't seen a single deer for apx the first hour until we spotted some movement across the other side of the valley. Further inspection revealed 2 Roe does walking right to left. Moving back in the same direction as them John tried to find a good spot for me to get on the sticks and get a clear shot through the relatively thick woodland.

    I'm not sure how he did it but John found a small window through to the far bank inline with the route the deer were walking. I got ready on the sticks and unbelivably the first(yearling) walked past and stopped broadside to me with the front leg visible and heart/ lung area in clear view at apx 65 yards. I took the shot and got Johns famous reply 'Good shot, reload'. I can't tell you how pleased I was to hear that!! The doe ran to the right and I lost sight immediately. John moved to the right and signalled that he could see it and that it was down. Well pleased . He signalled that the other doe was still there and to stay in case it came past. It decided to walk away in the opposite direction which was fine because that was where Ian was waiting. Unfortunately Ian didn't get a chance to shoot that one.

    We crossed the river and climbed up to the doe. The shot had impacted just above the heart hitting the lungs and dropping the doe apx 5 or 6 yards from where I had shot it. Bullet had exited(6.5 x 55 129g SST) but hadn't hit any of the meat on its way through so pleased about that too. John fully inspected the doe and then we walked through the gralloch and fed Breeze the heart which she was happy about.

    Back to pub for 9am for breakfast and going back out this afternoon for another stalk. Hoping Ian gets a chance. Excellent day so far, photos to be posted later.

    The weather turned bad later in the afternoon and although we did see a couple more Does just before the end of the light we didn’t get another shot off. Had an excellent day, learnt a hell of a lot from someone who really knows his stuff and makes every effort (including driving all over the place) to try to get you in front of a deer. Breeze was awesome to watch working, almost as enjoyable (almost) as actually getting a shot off.

    Deer is prepped and hanging ready for the freezer next week. Looking forward to doing it some justice in the kitchen, as are most of my friends and family.
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    Well done with your first deer, I was wondering how you got on this morning.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mudman View Post
    Well done with your first deer, I was wondering how you got on this morning.
    Cheers, great time so far. Going back out now for another stalk

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    Well done on your first deer you will never forget it!!

    I have just spent the last 2 days with John and Mal stalking in Norfolk my sides are still splitting........

    You couldn't be in better hands mate wish you all the best for the afternoon.

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    well done mate as said your in good hands
    and mr Shotgunspud your not the only 1! great couple of days

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    Congrats on your first deer, looking forward to hear how your evening stalk goes.

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    congratulations ste on your first deer hope its the first of many for you mate.get the photos up mate and well done agane Neil....

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    Quote Originally Posted by biglad View Post
    congratulations ste on your first deer hope its the first of many for you mate.get the photos up mate and well done agane Neil....
    Cheers Neil. Had a great day, John and Mal are top blokes tried their very best to get us in front of deer but the bad weather up here really messed things up this afternoon so we didn't get another chance of a shot but did see a couple of deer before dark.

    Thanks again John had a great day, was great watching Breeze in action. Will add pictures tomorrow. Got some great recipes to try now

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    super job as already said you never forget the first .now your hooked m8 its a huge rush nothing can beat it !

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