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    Hi, I'm a gamekeeper come deer manager from Surrey. I shoot alot of foxes and take clients stalking. I found this site while researching and looking for a gwp pup. Haven't found one yet.

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    Hi, I happen to have an 18 month year old GWP bitch who has been trained to track deer and walk to heel. She's Kennel Club registered and is showing lots of potential to become a great stalking dog. I also have two black labs (mother and pup) whom I also use for stalking. Unfortunately, the GWP gets very jealous and hostile towards them and it's gotten to the point where I need to separate them. I'd really like to see her go to a good home where she will have the opportunity to work. I'm very reluctant to sell her as she is a really lovely dog but I don't want her ruining the other two for me. I would be looking for 500 for her. Please let me know if you might be interested.

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    Hi thanks for the offer but have had an older dog before and this tome am looking for a puppy.

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