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Thread: Moderator Modifications

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    Moderator Modifications

    I've got a Wildcat Predator sound moderator that I occasionally use on my 7mm08, i say occasionally because I hate stalking with a mod. The main reason being that it completely throws out the handling and adds, to my mind, un-nessesary weight.

    Now, a mate of mine is a very good engineer fabricator, own workshop etc etc. So I'm wondering, can I / we modify the Wildcat? Forget the proof house and copy right non-sense for the time being. Is there a) any reason why the baffles cannot be changed for alloy items? b) what are the implications of removing the barrel over sleeve section and either replacing with alloy or doing away with it all together, i.e what function does it serve or could it function with out it. Basically I'm looking to thoroughly lighten the moderator so I can maybe use it more, without having to resort to buying an expensive lightweight replacement, which I won't be doing anyway for the amount I actually use it, but you know what I mean.

    Any input is gratefully received !



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    Why not just look at a light weigth muzzle can? There are several designs/makes offered.

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    Basically because I already have a wildcat mod and can modify it for very little money, whereas a new lightweight muzzle can will set me back in the reqion of £300. If I can't modify the wildcat to be safe / useable I won't do it and will continue to not use a moderator.


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    so long as you are confident in your/your friends engineering skills then no reason why not.
    I modified two moderators, one that was designed for .17 and .22 yet the internal bore was closer to .30! I also added an extra baffle with a smaller bore to the very end section.

    the alloy baffles will not be not as durable as stainless items

    why dont you get your mate to knock one up from Titanium and sell your wildcat

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    The durability side isn't so much of a worry, it doesn't get much more than 150 rounds per year down it anyway. Think we're gonna have a look at making our own, maybe borrowing a few ideas from various mod's, trial and error really. Ideally I want it sub - 250gms and as short as possible. I think it would be a shame to chop up the Wildcat to potentially end up with a ruined mod !

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    I don't want to dampen your enthusiasm, but there is another aspect to consider. It's all fine and dandy to bash and turn some metal, but how and when do you intend to turn the metal into a legally held sound moderator that you can shoot? A quick chat with your FLO (who may being reading this thread) might be in order before doing anything? Surely you will need a variation to acquire a moderator and a willing RFD to give it to you?

    Regards JCS

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    That's why I was initially looking at modifying the Wildcat, basically avoid the legal aspect. Rest assured if we are going to look at building one from scratch I'll look at the legal aspect including a conversation with the FLO. To be honest it'll probably be more hassle than its worth to go down the 'build from scratch' route.


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