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Thread: Squizzer with a problem..........

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    Squizzer with a problem..........

    Not deer related, however I thought I would post some pictures of a squirrel that visited our back garden for a short while a few years ago. As you can see it definitely had some teeth issues, and needed to see a dentist fast!!! He only hung around for a day or two, and I guess he now no more, as presumably a problem like he had, would not cure itself?

    Here are the piccis ......

    All the best


  2. Sorry, computer going haywire again! Click on the boxes to see the pictures

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    Poor bugger, thankfully it looks healthy enough!!

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    Actually all it needs is a .177 to the head, no dental work required.



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    .177 engine-room shot would give you a very cool skull-mount and lunch.

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