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Thread: s&b 4x16x50 klassic

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    s&b 4x16x50 klassic


    Looking at investing in one of these scopes for a 243 ai. Has anyone used or uses this scope and what are your thoughts. Or would you recommend something else ?

    Thanks Steve

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    I had one and couldnt fault it the only thing I found was with the zoom the cross hairs dominate the target as reticle is in the first focal plain, I moved to a Zenith then a Z6i which has reticle in second focal plain and therefore cross hairs stay same size when mag is wound up.

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    Same view as Lordy, cracking scope but as you increase the magnification, the standard 1st plane reticule blocks too much of the target. The 'Varmint' reticule is the best bet as it is a bit finer and allows more precision.

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    There is a Swarovski 6-24x50 for sale just now on this site for 800 including postage.

    Don't know the seller but I have one and rate it. May be worth an alternative consideration...

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    Good and bad sides to the 4-16 Schmidt.
    The one I had, had brilliant glass, better than my 8x56 in dusk, side focus worked perfect.
    but, it's a bit too heavy for a stalking rifle, the varmint recticle is a too fine at low mag when one might need a quick shot at closer range or when lamping. The ammount of travel is very small on this scope, meaning it must be mounted perfectly straight on the rifle.

    I sold mine and now have a zeiss conquest 6.5-20x50 as my long range scope. This scope has everything I need, light weight, 1" tube, second focal plane, target turrets (that turn in the same direction as S&B's), side focus, plex recticle, good optics, good price. Just ordered my second one.

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    Thanks for the replies . The s&b is a mildot . Going to be used for deer at dusk then nv add on for foxing / boar. It was this or nightforce.


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    Good timing bordersman, I was also about to buy one of those S&B's maybe now leaning towards the zeiss conquest also with a mildot.

    EJG, I was just wondering where you got your conquest from as so far I can only find them for sale on American websites.

    Thanks guys, Phil.

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    I run 2 nightforce scopes and an S&B. For deer the Nightforce are great, built like brick outhouses and have never lost zero, even after the dreaded trip in the cargo hold. Great optics at low light.

    However, when I fitted the night vision on the back of the nightforce I found trouble getting a decent focus and there were funny rings all over the picture. Was advised by someone very experiences with NV that the best scope for the job was a S&B 5 to 25 PM2. Managed to get one sorted out and all problems were solved. It works amazingly well, clearly ID foxes out at 300 yards. Not sure the one I shot earlier this evening appriciated it very much though.

    The PM2 has great optics and most importantly for NV the greatest range of parralax adjustment. It's expensive but if you are planning on investing in NV and are buying a new scope anyway it's worth the extra.

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    Phil, those Conquests are really difficult to get ahold of.
    My first one I bought 2-3 years ago when I visited relatives in the states.
    An american company that I'm friendly with is bringing us some along to the IWA in Germany in a few days.
    I think the plex works fine, less busy and one seems to center naturally on a target. Since I use a range finder
    and click in values, there is no need for mildot.
    My plan is take the conquest and show it to a German manufacturer and ask if they couldn't produce
    something similar. For me all those S&B PM's, nightforce's, IOR's or big Zeiss's are useless as they are just too heavy.

    There is chap on e-gun selling the 6.5-20x50 conquest. Seems to have no morals and is offering a 1000$ scope for 1500 Euro.


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