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Thread: 1st Reload testing

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    1st Reload testing

    So, today I FINALLY got out to test my first ever reloads for my .243 (Sako 75) I reloaded these with used Norma brass, 87g BTHP Hornady, Varget, CCI LR BR Primers. The work was done with a cheap and cheerful Lee classic loader, 10 digital calibers and 10 digital scales (to be upgraded when I have the 's), lee chamfer and primer pocket cleaner tool. All in, not much above 100.

    The top left was 35.5g varget, the bottom left was 36g, the middle 36.5g, the top right 37g, and the bottom right a control shot with norma factory 100g SP.

    I believe the 35.5g is the perfect grouping for my rifle, and was a true pleasure to shoot. Kick was minimal and allowed me to confidently keep the sight picture. Even though the 37g grouped ok, it was very violent and very explosive as you can see.

    Very pleased with the results.

    Attachment 5190Attachment 5190

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    You got a nice day for it. Looking good. What range were you shooting at?

    Rgds JCS

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    If the target was viewed the right way up , I would say the top right grouping is on the money . May just be a case of experimenting with oal , but it certainly is a good starting point.

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    Brough, it was standing upright when I was shooting, and the 'would be' top right was the 35.5g one I think is right on myself.

    JCS, yes, great day actually. I was shooting on my own grounds in the borders.

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    Brough, seated this at 2.700" COAL, and with all three touching, to be honest, don't think I'm going to bother messing any further with the seating depth just now

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    If your happy then thats good enough , good luck .

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    Yeah, I do like to strive for perfection, but this is just for fox/roe, and not for target purposes, so unless the group opens up too much at 150 and 200 yards, I think I'll leave it at that for now.

    I also forgot to attach this, my trusty companion
    Attachment 5193

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