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Thread: The happy hunter

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    The happy hunter

    Hi im "The happy hunter.

    Im from Holland, I live up norht.
    I hunt in Holland or in Germanny,My favorits are Wild boar, Fallow deer, roe deer.
    Now i would like to go in the summer on holliday to the UK en then hunt muntjac/ chinese water deer.

    So im looking for information for muntjac and the posibilities for muntjac stalking.

    Englisch talking en reading is quiet easy but writing has been al long time since school.

    Im 38 years old and i have a hunting licence since 1989.

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    Hi "Happy" welcome to the site

    Your english spelling is ok, better than some in the uk, and you can speak it too!!!

    I'm sure you will find all the answer's and more, here. i look forward to reading more of your post's.

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