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Thread: high seats at cla

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    high seats at cla

    hi stalking buddies . just found out that a good friend who makes my highseats has a freestander on show at the game fair i think he said it was on gun makers row the stand is GAME FAYRE . i have used his high seats for the last five years and they are top gear 300 wsm saw one while out stalking with me a couple of weeks back thougt you guys could have a look while at the fair . let me know your thoughts next week .

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    Hello Roedinator,

    For the members of this site unable to make it to the Game Fair is there any chance of some photographs of the high seats?



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    hi steyr i will do my best to get some photos on i havent edited any yet but a member did a step by step guide on here the other day ill follow that and see what i can do .

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    VMT for your reply

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    If you can't get the pics to work, email them to the address in my profile, and I'd be happy to post them for you..



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    steyr pete E thanks for your offer im stalking later ill take a couple of photos and send them to you . the stand is on GAME KEEPERS ROW not gunmakers row as i previously stated .

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    300 you were obviously impressed then is that from wincanton the guy we spoke about

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