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Thread: Thanks to Max and TJ

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    Thanks to Max and TJ

    I was lucky enough to win the CWD stalking that Max donated to the recent H4H auction, and finally visited him last week for the outing. Max did everything he promised and more. I know that he is going to do a write up so I won't steal his thunder, but I would like to say that I couldn't have been made more welcome by him and his delightful other half. Good food, comfortable lodgings, excellent craich and the company of a man who not only knows his deer but treats them with respect and compassion. Many thanks Max, for a great visit and some fantastic memories.

    Also thanks to TJ for organising the auction in the first place. Without him none of this would have happened - keep it up Stu, here's hoping H4H get the benefit of another soon.


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    Glad to hear you had a good time, Max, the times I have been in touch seems a genuinely nice bloke. Thanks to Max for the donation and thanks to Charles for bidding.

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    I know he gets a fair bit of stick off me but you will struggle to find a more genuine bloke
    had a lovely weekend at maxs last year with the wife .
    we were treated handsomeley by david and debs .
    and i also shot my first chinese a lovely silver medal

    charles glad you had a great time look forward to maxs report
    regards pete .

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    Nice one Charles,
    Hope you didn't make the old boy work to hard he gets tired easy at his age

    (David I can't start being nice know can I ) Nice one mate and yeas well done TJ


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