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    Hod Carrier

    This Hod carrier arrives on site driving a Aston Martin super car.

    The foreman goes up to him and says , I am somewhat perplexed I just cant understand how someone in your position can afford to drive an Aston Martin, whilst I earn 3 times your salary and all I can afford to run is a Ford Escort!
    Tell me how do you afford it?

    Arggh thats easy replies the Hoddy I make my money to pay for it through my gambling
    in fact everything I gamble makes megga money, theres not a day that goes by I dont make a lot of money through the gambling I do.
    In fact I will make a personal bet with you, I bet 50 today you will contract a dose of crabs.

    The Foreman thought long and hard and thought what a load of ***** theres no way that I will catch a dose of crabs so he decided he would take the bet.

    Finishing time came and the foreman approached the Hoddy and said ,"you my man have just lost 50 as I havent got a dose of crabs".

    Hang on a minute said the hoddy I just cant take your word for it you have to prove it to me, so the Foreman flopped out his knob and the Hoddy takes a trowel from the mortar board and places the foremans knob on it while he examines it, he looks underneath and sides of it and after a while proclaims fair enough you havent got a dose of crabs heres you 50 a bets a bet.

    The foreman the following day pulls the hoddy to one side and says I cant understand it yesterday you lost that bet of 50 and you said there wasnta day that went past were you didnt make money from gambling.

    Arghhh said the Hoddy but what you wasnt aware of I had a 20 bet on with the 300 guys on the site that I would have your balls on a trowel by 5.30 yesterday evenning
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