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Thread: cla meet up

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    cla meet up

    sd members just a short post to see if any decision has been made as to where members are going to meet up at the game fair i would like to put faces to names from this site i will be there on fri only andy L just wondered if you had sorted where the sd t shirs were being handed out and i could come along there maybe . regards pete .

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    Hi Pete, To be honest, I am the wrong person to ask. Malc is dealing with the handing out of the T'shirts. I think he is talking about the NGO tent on Saturday lunchtime. But don't quote me on it!!! I am sure he will reply pretty soon.

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    hi pete
    Andy is definateley not going to be handed out T shirts to anyone on friday or sat
    cos he's going stalking
    got a date with a wawrickshire roe buck or two

    shame you won't be there on sunday pete
    would of been nice to put a face to your name

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    good luck with the bucks andy l,stone has got some lovely ground down that way.

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    sorry mate i forgot to mention the breakfast.the home made burgers are very good.lets hope andy l doesnt drink you out of tea like another member off the site did.

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    There is only one group of people that drink more tea than yorkshire men and that is essex boys. Make sure the kettle works stone!

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    I saw a leaflet for the CLA this evening, 18 per ticket!! Even if i could go i couldn`t afford it. That and the cost of diesel, food etc will put it out of many peoples reach. Do you think the price is a bit over the top?

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    i just paid 15 a ticket, whats going on , hav they finaly realised that 25 a ticket was over the top , just feel sorry for those that paid full price

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