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Thread: 18 month old GWP bitch - 500

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    18 month old GWP bitch - 500

    This is a very reluctant sale of a fantastic dog. She is 18 months old, liver and white, Kennel Club registered. She has been trained to walk to heel and I have been using her to find deer for the past 12 months. She has lots of potential to be a brilliant stalking dog. Unfortunately, I also have two black labs (mother and pup) and am finding having three just too much and am not able to use her as much as I would like.

    You can view a picture of her on my website:

    I've very much like to see her go to a someone who will use her for deer stalking as she is extremely bright and very keen to work.

    Please give me a call on 01556 650358 (anytime after 6pm) if your are interested.
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    HI Paul,
    Nice looking Bitch, what breeding is she? Trudvang / Moorrunner.....or other?
    I've seen some of these GWP's working and they are great, but I like a challenge and favour the Weim's.


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    HAVE you contacted the breeder paul/whats her breeding/any other photos you can put on

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    Thanks for the interest. I'm pleased to say I have found a new home for Fizz. Was a shame to let her go but is for the best

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