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Thread: 270 v's 308

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    270 v's 308

    hi, guys. right as i,ve said in other posts i,m just getting into deer stalking. only relay been shooting 17hmr and 22/250, and an odd go on a 308, the lad who i,m going with use's a 270 and that was the way i was going but afew have said i,d be better with a 308. if you could give me your views and pro's/cons on each rifle and your preffered one it would go along way to me making a choice.many thanks in advanced

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    personal choice. IMO
    they both kill any kind of deer you will see here

    similar choice of factory loads (you dont sound like you are loading your own), similar bore, ME, MV, trajectory in normal shooting ranges etc etc.

    find one you like and stick with it.

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    haven't got either, but shot both..actually, got premission for .308 so will add one very soon

    I picked the .308 to complement my .243, so I had one at either end of the power spectrum. In addition, my choice was driven by access to good selection of 2nd hand rifles, spare parts/aftermarket, brass, bullets, reloading data, etc. etc.

    Oh,,and there's just something manly about a .308

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    I have both and use 130gr bullets for Sika, Reds and Roe out of the .270 however I found that Muntjac lifted their tails and scampered off to die in a thicket and give me hassle finding them.
    For them I found 150gr round-nosed softpoints from the .308 nailed them where they stood.
    Horses for courses I suppose !
    If you are a re-loader the .308 would be a better option as there is a greater range of missiles, bullets, heads, projectiles or whatever you care to call them available.


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    would be buying of the shelf ammo

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    Quote Originally Posted by stav View Post
    would be buying of the shelf ammo
    That's what I 'said'....just wait and see,,with the pressure on you from the forum members, you will soon enough wake up one night thinking,,,hhmmm maybe I need to start day you will order your first Lee Classic Loader.. HA HA me I used to say I'd only ever shoot factory ammo too,,that changed very quickly..

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    Then one day you'll realise .308 stands for throw & wait really!.......... .270 130grain Nosler partition, all you need !.
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    Quote Originally Posted by finnbear270 View Post
    Then one day you'll realise .308 stands for throw & wait really!.......... .270 130grain Nosler partition, all you need !.
    Real men use .308 cause they are accurate, cheap to buy and feed and will deal with anything in the uk and Fin I will ring you when am back on the beach.

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    The 270 will do everything the 308 does - better - up to 150 grains bullet weight.

    Over 150 grains bullet weight the 308 has no competition from the 270 as there are no factory 270 loads with bullets heavier than that. So you do have the 165 grain option available in 308.

    If I were shooting long distance over 200 yards then I might consider the 270 superior. Under 200 yards there is very little difference whatsoever at all. I know no British animal that will be killed any more or less dead!

    If you don't handload then I would ask what barrel length rifle are you looking at. Under 24" and the 270 is somewhat unpleasant to shoot. At 24" then it is no problem. In fact it is superb!

    I handload so I'd take the 270 choice each and every time with a 24" barrel. If I did not handload or wanted a 22" barrel I'd have no hesitation in choosing the 308. A better choice - for the UK in factory loadings - than 30-06 IMHO!

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    I have owned and shot two .270 and one .308

    My first ever rifle was a .270 over 20 years ago and obviously un-moderated. Kicked a bit but got used to it. 110grn bullets shot very poorly, 130's pretty accurate and 150's in my opinion were just simply unnecessary in this country for our deer species, although some may disagree. Granted, a particular rifle may shoot more accurately with 150's than 130's.

    As has been mentioned previously there is very little difference in 'real world usability' between these calibres in normal stalking distances. What would make my mind up is what I think is the potential accuracy attainable from them and for that reason I would choose the .308. Look at any reloading manual and it will constantly refer to the inherent accuracy of the .308 case design. It is soft on barrels. I believe the .270 is not. The .308 excels in the target arena. The .270 does not. But, as I already said, in stalking applications that advantage is probably not generally going to be seen. It will no doubt show up on paper. More so if you do get into loading yourself. I struggled to better the accuracy with 150grn Federal's in my .308 with homeloads.

    The bullet choice in .308 is far greater than the .270, even in factory ammunition.

    I am not knocking the .270 as I know a lot on here use it. I shot a lot of deer with mine. I just preferred the .308.

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