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Thread: BASC Distance themselves from

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    BASC Distance themselves from

    Received my BASC magazine today march/april 2011 and on page 7 there is a bit about

    'Since October 2010 BASC has received a number of complaints from members about the service provided by decoying uk.As a result,until decoying uk have demonstrated that they are able to meet their commitments to customers we will not be accepting their advertisments in Shooting and Conservation. Any reader in dispute with decoying uk should contact Consumer Direct on 08454 040506 for advice.Trading standards officers in Wigan,where the company is based are monitoring the situation.'

    Thought that it may be useful to some of you who have been caught by these people.

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    Thanks Night Hunter,

    Readers should set their minds at rest by telephoning Trading Standards in Wigan and asking for Janet Nichols LLB, who is VERY aware of EXACTLY what is going on. People should also be aware that Decoying UK are currently taking legal advice re. BASC's comments, the fact that a senior staff member of BASC has proposed a council member to the board, knowing full well that such candidate is the managing director of a major competitor to Decoying UK, and that said candidate is now a full council member. Very much a CONFLICT OF INTEREST.

    This is going to get very interesting, especially with what has happened to Simon Hamlyn. Please note that due to the impending legal situation, I am unable to comment further at this stage.

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    I bought a Sauer 202 outback from Deako and saved 700 off list price for a new rifle.

    Cannot fault John or Mark always answered or returned calls promtly and were very professional to deal with. New rifle is now being screw cut and will be zeroed over the weekend.

    Happy customer here.

    Take as you find I say,

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    Don't I recall a similar topical thread from night hunter a while back?

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