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Thread: British gun laws

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    British gun laws

    i am living in sweden, but my grandchildren are british subjects living in UK.
    I own some fire arms which want to give to my grandchildren in future.
    they are not yet adult and their parents are not hunter, but my grandson like me loving outdoor and hunting too.
    i would like in case my health is getting worse give my rifles to my grandsons , but one is only a young boy and the second is new born!
    is it possible for their parents to get british licens or own the guns until they become adult and can use them for shooting and hunting?
    do you have any limitation in number of guns in UK?is it mandatory to be hunter for owning guns or they can have my guns as a part of heritage?

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    Sorry to say this but no they won't be allowed to keep them.

    Here in the UK we have to prove 'good reason' for owning firearms, and hertitage is not considered by the firearms licencing department.
    I cannot think of any way around it, seeing as their parents are non-shooters

    All the best

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    1. Easiest option is for you to arrange "storage" of them with an RFD in Sweden until such times as your grandchildren are in a position to take them. Or have a trusted friend who can hold them as "his" until the same.

    2. Most awkward is have the parents arrange the same in the UK. If they are not already shooters then the issue get's untrustworthy.

    3. Stick with what you know, and trust in Sweden. You can better arrange the safe keeping of your rifles in Sweden and then your grandchildren can take or decline as they see fit.


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    I would think you could leave them with an RFD until the children were of age and had licences of their own, if the children did not want them the RFD could then sell them on however the RFd would not do this for nothing !!!!!
    Or you could talk one of the parents into taking up shooting and sign the guns over to them until the children can take them on !!!

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    sorry what is an RFD?
    here in sweden after my departure to the light side my family has only 6 month te sel my guns or send them to destruction

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    Daniel, an RFD is a firearms dealer. A registered dealer could hold your rifles on your behalf if you were unable to for any reason, they would make a charge for this service though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by prometheus View Post
    Daniel, an RFD is a firearms dealer. A registered dealer could hold your rifles on your behalf if you were unable to for any reason, they would make a charge for this service though.
    thanks for all the answers

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    a cheaper option would be to get a friend to hold them. here this requires the guns being put on your friends license so that they can legally hold them (not sure if that is required in sweden.
    The dealer will charge a storage fee which is larger the longer it stays there. I am assuming your friend wont!

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