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Thread: Cheap .243 and .223 choices

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    Cheap .243 and .223 choices

    Trying to find .243 and .223 ammo, can anyone recommend any factory .243 for deer, Roe upto Sika and .223 SP for fox. I know some may say .243 on the small side for Sika but the chap I know has that calibre.

    Many thanks


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    Just bought 500 privi .223s last weekend for 210. not sure how much .243 is but it's bound to be half the price of winchester and the like. The 55gr .223s were grouping sub 1' @ 100 yards and 4' at 300

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    For the .243 i use federal 80grain soft points (think its power shock but not sure, blue box!), VERY good all the way up to fallow but never used it on sika and to be honest its probably not recomended!! They are around 25 a box depending on where you buy them, some times more some times less and they shoot very well and very consistantly and very flat!

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    I used plane jane 100gr remington PSP's on a few sika in my 243 this year. They seem to be loaded quite hefty and
    knocked them down well. Quite a bit of meat damage though. Accuracy was around 3/4".
    My favourite 223 ammo for fox is the 55gr sako soft point. Not the cheapest but at least has good penetration
    and will also go through bone. Very accurate.

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    Try hornady v max 55g in 223, they half the size of any groups I get with other factory ammo in my Remington 700
    regards oli

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    agree with ollie on the hornady but have also heard the american eagle 50 grn hollowpoint in 223 are supposed to be good.My local dealer was selling them for 8 per box but out of stock now

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    Wolf ammo

    Hornady are the best I've found, however the cheapest I've found were wolf 223 from cheshire gun room at 4.80 a box I don't think you will get cheaper. Can't find anywhere else that sells them. Might be worth you asking at your local shop.
    Regards oli

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    ive a tikka tac in .223
    i found the american eagle good out to 200yards
    beyond that they tend to be flyers

    i wouldn put wolf ammo through my gun again
    because they re total muck

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