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    H4h cwd

    Hello folks,

    As you may or may not know Charles SJ was the highest bidder for the CWD that I put up for the H4H auction run by TJ.

    It took a while to organise as Charles has a busy schedule but I finally nailed him down to the afternoon of 21st Feb and morning of the 22nd if we needed a second stalk.

    Charles arrived at 2pm at my place and after a cuppa and get aquainted chat we set off for the estate around 3.45pm.
    I had seen four cwd on a meadow next to a reed marsh three evenings on the trot so figured we would lay in wait for them to appear about 100yds from where we would be.
    The temp was starting to drop and a bloody cold breeze sprang up just to top it off and I was begining to wonder if I had made the right choice, but hey ho............

    We settled down to wait for the cwd that "I was sure" would appear, and we waited and waited some more and then we got a fleeting glimpse of one and there it was gone
    We did have a muntie buck and doe to watch hanging around the feeders but no more cwd. Muntie buck started to get quite vocal as it got dimmer and whether this kept the cwd away or not I really dont know but it looked like we had lucked out this evening.

    The light was gone so we went back to the truck and headed for home for dinner and glass or three.

    Tuesday morning and we leave the house just after 6am which will put us on site for 6.20. I wanted to walk and stalk this morning and try and catch a cwd coming off the arable back to cover.
    As we go through one of the field gates in the truck we bump a likely looking candidate
    that had been laying out on the flattened cover crop and we had not seen.
    It ran up onto the brow and went into some pampas grass. I pulled down the track a ways, asked Charles if he wanted to try and stalk it, he was up for it and off he went. Unfortunately they spotted each other at the same time and cwd made a hasty exit and
    disappeared not to be seen again that morning.

    Off we went for a stalk round the woods but deer were thin on the ground and I was beginning to get that horrible feeling that all is going pear shaped.

    We lucked out in that area so I said we would drive to another part of the estate and give that a try. Charles was still optimistic which was more than I was at this point, even Max my GWP was giving me the "numpty" look.

    On the way to the other end of the estate Charles spots one out on the stubble watching us go by. I came to a slow stop and hoped this would be it, out of the truck and prone for the shot but my old china was off before we got the door fully open.
    It left the stubble went over the single track road and onto a winter barley field heading for the old cover crop. I had already put the truck in reverse and hoping Charles could get the shot from the field opening.

    Our cwd had stopped just short of the cover broadside on which gave Charles his chance. He was out of the truck and prone on his elbows in a flash, I ranged the animal at 236yds and bang and down it went.
    It raised its head once and it was all over, but was it a buck. I wealked over with Max just in case but he did not have any work to do. I breathed a sigh of relief when I saw it was a nice representative buck.
    Charles came over and was very pleased with the outcome. A very good shot through the heart from a difficult position plus a good range.

    Handshakes and pictures taken it was back home for breakfast and plenty of black strong coffee.

    The cape is in the freezer and waiting to become a shoulder mount
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    Hi David,
    Well done mate the outcome was never in doubt for me Well I had faith in the dog.

    Well shot Charles and a generous donation to a good cause by both of you


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    Happy Days.

    Thanks again for the donation, very much appreciated. Congratilations to Charles also. When you said that the temp started to drop off, I was getting concerned that the man himself might need some help, (hot water bottle, survival blanket etc....).

    Look forward to the pics and seeing the mound once completed.

    Position and hold must be firm enough to support the firearm
    The firearm must point naturally at the target without any undue physical effort
    Sight alignment (aiming) must be correct
    The shot must be released and followed through without disturbing the position

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    Quote Originally Posted by Max View Post
    Charles came over and was very pleased with the outcome.
    What a master of understatement - I was over the moon!
    As I've already said on the H4H forum, many thanks to David (and of course Debs) for making me so welcome and working so hard to make the trip a success. I had a great time, left with outstanding memories (which it's what it's all about of course) and still have that mount to look forward to.
    I never doubted David would get me onto a buck in the end (and yes, that dog of his is a real cracker) - as he says, a rather long shot but thank goodness for a solid position and decent optics.
    Thanks once again for a fantastic time, I thoroughly enjoyed every minute. And to think that it was all for a good cause as well .....


    Oh, and less of your lip TJ

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    Well done all of you and for such a good cause.

    A very good long range shot too on such a small deer.

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