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Thread: Hello from a wet and cold Hertfordshire.

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    Hello from a wet and cold Hertfordshire.

    Just had a very enjoyable few days, even if the weather let us down some what, with a fine group of SD boys. So thought is was about time I joined the SD myself.

    Sorry should have added that my name is Andy and I shoot deer, Fallow and Muntjac in the Hertfordshire area. Been "stalking" for about 7 years. Started as a result of going beating regularly and listening to the keeper complaining (I know I was surprised that a keeper would complain about anything) about the Muntjac in the cover crop. I said I'd shoot them for him. He seemed surprised and said Ok and found me on his door a week later with my firearms application in hand asking for a signature. Did my DSC1 soon after getting my rifle and shot a mj doe on my first outing in a high seat.
    Now shooting around 20 - 25 deer a season. Shoot 243 and 308 (both being Win Mod 70's of course).

    Have had the pleasure to meet a few of the SD lads over that past couple of years.
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    Welcome Win Mod 70

    Sounds like you was in the right place at the right time.
    Just goes to show if people get of their backsides, and show willing you reap the rewards.
    Enjoy, and look after that keeper very well
    Your a long time dead..GET OUT THERE.

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    Welcome to the SD great knowledgeable bunch on here Andy always willing to help if they can so do you shoot locally or do you have travel ?

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    Hello and welcome to the SD site great bunch on here always willing to help where they can which is nice . Well your the lucky one then bet your keeper friend it top of your xmas list lol . P.S never been to Hets wheres that exactly lol . Sorry couldnt help myself

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