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    Pictures wanted

    Having had a stand a the Newark show( thanks to those that visited) I have realised that the general public and even hardened shooting types have little or no idea about deertracking dogs.
    Therefore I want to try and put a wall together showing the different types of dogs used and would be grateful for any pretty or not pretty pictures of your canine companions,that I can use .
    The picture will be displayed with an acknowledgement about the dog and the proud owner unless the names need to be changed to protect the guilty.
    I will be at the west country show in March so Hopefully this idea will be used there or at the Gamekeepers Fair at Catton Park.


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    The prob may lie in that with the exception of the limited number of BMHs etc and the many pointers, just about any type of gundog is capable and often used. I myself have used one of my Chesapeake Bay Retrievers and am currently training a Springer.

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    That's exactly what I want,pictures of the dogs that we in the UK use for deer.I use a Wirehaired Vis,labradors and a border terrier as I also pickup,shoot and beat.Send me a picture,The idea is to show people that you do not need a specialist dog unless you do it either professionally or stalking is your single sport.The training is the key.If you have a lab,a spaniel,or a pointer why not use

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    kit i have some pics of my lab and my BMH working and posing for the camera if that is the sort of thing you are after.


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    Hi Kit, I have one or two pics you can use if you like, only labs nothing to exotic, I have some pics of some poor markmanship you might like and why one might need a dog, both pics are of deer shot by freinds who normaly dont have a problem, one went 1000+ yards from the shot site and was found 6 hours later, the other one was neck shot and was found the next day, you are more then welcome.


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    Hi Anthony
    Just what I want

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