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Thread: S1. Shotguns.

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    S1. Shotguns.

    Sorry to put this on a stalking site but this section always seems to me to be the best place to find out about FAC's & the chaos conditions etc cause. I was talking to someone yesterday who was claiming he was permitted to shoot clays with a S1 pump action.I can't help but find this very hard to believe. Anyone heard of similar ?

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    I have a section 1 semi-auto conditioned for clays. Clay shooting isn't good reason in its self though, you need to have already shown a primary good reason (e.g. practical shotgun, flocking birds etc).


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    Know a pigeon shooter on the pea crops that has an 11 shot Benelli semi auto. Can use it on clays.


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    Mine was originaly obtained for pest control purposes
    But has a seperate condition placed on it for clays , this was put on automatically with out me asking for it

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    I have pest, vermin ,fox, deer ,wildboar and clay pigeon and target shooting on my section 1 shotgun.

    Why do you find it hard to beleve that you can use a fac shotgun for clays ?
    "a man does good business when he rids himself of a turd"

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    I have S1 semi auto on my ticket for vermin and clays

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    Thanks for the replies, It's nice to see a bit of common sense being applied by Firearms Departments. It sort of ruins their insistance on different Calibers for different quary though doesn't it.
    Like I said in my original post this section can't be beaten when it comes to licencing questions. There are so many people with a huge amount of knowledge and experience on this whole site willing to share it. Brilliant !!!!

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    Mine has just came back from renewl with clays added, i never asked for this.....

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    I have a condition to "use the Section 1 shotgun for practical target shooting on land where I hold permission to use that class of firearm ", this is in addition to vermin...I think that this condition is rarely granted..normally it is confined to Approved Ranges only,having said that I only use the SG TO FULL CAPACITY INFREQUENTLY TO LIMIT NUISANCE TO the repute of shooters is in our own hands within our areas is it not? PS I love my Benelli M2 !!

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    you can have clays added/..or are included in the condition thats not the problem. its where you can use it..takeing a clay trap out on your land is not a problem etc..but for instance ime a member of two clubs that shoot alternate Sundays it is in both of their rules "NO SEC 1 ON SITE OR TO BE USED!" and only 2 rounds to be loaded in sec 2 semi/pump.there is one large venue that happens once a year very near me on a large estate organised by the NGO. they have singes up all over the place saying no sec 1 on site or to be used! as you can see any of those and you'd be breaking the law even with a open ticket! but there are places that allow multi shot great fun!!

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