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Thread: roseanna cunningham slated due to lack of knowledge

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    roseanna cunningham slated due to lack of knowledge

    Taken from the scottish farmer
    Lack of knowledge will kill crofting
    ****The red highlights is that not scottish deer stalking over the back****
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    4 Oct 2010
    Sir, – Thank goodness for Donnie Ross of Kingussie, whose letter (TSF, Sept 25) about ‘real’ crofting is a breath of common sense.
    We have also found Roseanna Cunningham singularly unaware of the most basic tenets of crofting and are sinking under a morass of Access Code regulations on our croft.
    One of the arguments our Access Officer puts forward is that yes, we can just about get away with saying ‘no camping’ in our fenced fields, but our machair grazing is not fenced, so we should put up with campers and sea-kayakers.
    These people don’t understand the first thing about Hebridean crofting tradition, of using the sea as a natural fence – if you put up real fences, your animals cannot access the natural springs that well out of the sand dunes onto the beach, they cannot eat the seaweed.
    Here on Iona we are battling with SNH and the Access Code and other officials, none of whom have the first understanding of farming, animals, crofting, crops, safety or anything else.
    They encourage visitors to think they can go anywhere they wish in the countryside, but keep very quiet about the great number of visitors injured and even killed by cattle.
    Our hens are killed, our sheep worried, our cattle harrassed every season, because they don’t have any rights, only holidaymakers and their dogs have rights under the Access Code. We spent years with a grant that meant our animals had to be kept out of particular fields between May and September, to enable the corncrakes to nest, particular flora to flourish, and we weren’t supposed to go in there either.
    But holidaymakers – well, we’re not allowed to put ‘keep out’ on the gates, or ‘no entry’ or anything, in case it hurts their feelings and spoils their two hours on the island.
    We’ve battled with the authorities for nigh on five years now, and made such a nuisance of ourselves we lost our corncrake grant, so from now on we’ll cut the hay when it is ready, instead of leaving it till the end of August – if we can’t get the grant which paid for buying in extra hay, we have to cut when our own hay is good.
    And so, years of corncrake breeding go down the drain. We do now finally have an official sign ‘asking’ people to keep their dogs on leads till they get to the beach, the sign helped a bit, but it doesn’t actually stop campers, one said last week “yes, I saw the sign, but I thought I’d chance it!”
    The National Trust installed a “people counter” at our croft gate on the afternoon of May 31 this year, and today, September 25 (ie not quite four months later) it is showing 37,050 people went down to or back from the beaches - 18,500 people. How is our croft supposed to survive this?
    No-one compensates us for the damage to and loss of livestock, or the damage to the fences and gates, or the land. We have no rights, we have only responsibilities.
    We’ve been lobbying our MSP to get a review of the code, amendments, clarification, a change to the tenor of advertising of the Code, to shift the emphasis away from ‘rights’ and onto ‘responsibilities’ but there’s not much chance of that.
    Sea eagles are more important, holidaymakers rule, putting beavers and wolves back into the countryside - that’s much more headine-grabbing.
    It’s become fashionable to despise farmers, crofters and land managers, and yet if we didn’t spend our lives caring for the countryside, it wouldn’t be possible to walk to the beach, because within two years the nettles, thistles and dockens would be waist high.
    We don’t want to ban holidaymakers, we need them, but we should have rights too, and there are things it just isn’t safe, or practical, or fair to have them do. Why are people like Ms Cunningham appointed to jobs they know nothing about - where are the Ministers and legislators who actually know their subject?
    And how did the Access Code get passed in the first place when there are contradictory laws like the 1953 Protection of Livestock Act (saying dogs must be kept on leads around livestock) and the 1865 Trespass (Scotland) Act (saying you CAN stop people camping on your land)? This government will be the death of crofting.
    Name and address supplied
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    Personally I think the access rights are the finest thing since slice bread mind you it cuts both ways those that are granted the right to access have responsibilities themselves in useage of those rights.

    To many land owners have this ITS MINE Attitude and keep off. Well done the Scottish Government for implicating it.

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    All users of the countryside have a duty of care and should not cause any damage nor interfere with the wildlife,dogs should be under control at all time , any damage caused is viewed as criminal damage, but the right to roam is a marvelous thing and scotland has some of the best in the world, and should retian them, IMHO.
    It sounds a bit like " Not In My Back Yard" syndrome, thay want the grants but not the incovieniance of the people who pay the grants!
    There is a code of conduct why dont thay put a holder at the acces point with the code so that poeple will be aware of it?

    ATB Barry

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    I've friends who croft and they are as bitter. Hoards of folk just yomping here and there. Its not that they feel they want to bar them. Its the visitors complete lack of respect for livestock and property. He says he half expects them to check his teeth. Sheep worried, gates left open rubbish left.
    Its alright having this power of access its another being sensible/mature enough to use it as it was intended.

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    The access rights would be fine if only people who obey the old "countryside code" used the right of access. Unfortunately the Government does't realise how ignorant or uninformed the general public are............... or perhaps they do and don't care

    Blindness to suffering is an inherent consequence of natural selection. Nature is neither kind nor cruel but fiercely indifferent.

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    Quote Originally Posted by flytie View Post
    The access rights would be fine if only people who obey the old "countryside code" used the right of access. Unfortunately the Government does't realise how ignorant or uninformed the general public are............... or perhaps they do and don't care

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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    Quote Originally Posted by flytie View Post
    The access rights would be fine if only people who obey the old "countryside code" used the right of access. Unfortunately the Government does't realise how ignorant or uninformed the general public are............... or perhaps they do and don't care

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    Yes the right of access to some is a great thing but for others it is not.
    To those people who mention the countryside code, and people with responsibilities - HELLO, wake up and smell the roses. This is the real world and the comment not in my back yard is a bit harsh when you see the "*****" that these "responsible" people leave at their arse, not to mention their dogs running amok!
    Yes there is a countryside code and I think the majority of folk do adhere to it but it doesn't take many to spoil it by ignoring it, and thats sadly what happens in the real world.
    I doubt this type of behaviour in some people will be able to be changed, so to the poor crofter or landowner, where ever they are just have to pick up the pieces, whether it be livestock damage or litter.

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    Conflict will always happen and i am sure that Rossanna has looked at what will server her government the best. The numbers this man has near his house really dose suggest he is on to a looser. Them people all vote and thats what its about. I was very upset at the lack of knowlage our government officials had over deer stalkers stalking and everything to do with deer relying 100% on there advisors who i am afraid were will to sell us down the river with there lies and deciet. I am sure because of sites like this the governemt through there MSP,S .Have now seen there are more sides to life that the advisors who have a self interest agenda to look after.
    One statement made by the DCS. "When we put the bill together we were not aware of any real active Deer Managers in the Central scotland area" ). What a statement and what worry,s me is why did they say it. There are any many more examples for governemt advisors but i do think the ministers owe it to us to look in to things in a more open manner.

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    Why is the land everyones right? If others take their money and p**s it against the wall instead of BUYING their little bit of heaven on earth why should you put up with people using your workplace as a play thing whilst you are trying to farm it. In the current climate many small farms are being run at a loss, only second jobs or working wives are subsidising the food the population eats. The oft touted Single Farm Payment is not a pot of gold that keeps farmers in Range Rovers. My farm has no S.F.P, and my produce has no subsidy, so my conservation measures are funded from my pocket. Why should I not be able to say 'Nesting Lapwings, Keep out, I Do'?
    Access without responsibility is a shamefull law that degrades the right to own in promoting the right to roam.
    Whilst living in Lanc's we experienced sheep worrying, human excrement left unburied beside footpaths (for the next passing dog to roll in), campers in hay fields and mountain bikers using the woods as an adventure playground. How can access be free without the land owner having any right to defend his right to work or enjoy the privacy of what belongs to him?
    Historical access is one thing but to open the floodgates to all and sundry is surely criminal.

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