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Thread: Danish Stalking sticks

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    Danish Stalking sticks

    I saw these and went so far as to contact him.
    I was wondering if anyone here had one?

    Rifle stick - rifle sticks - The forester's rifle stick for stalking

    He also does a simple strap that runs from the top onto the floor and by standing on it you create a tripod.

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    Check out some of the later postings on this thread - gets a mention and some appear to have made their own:

    I recall them also coming up on some earlier 'stick' threads which you might find by doing a forum search.

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    Hang on dont order one yet , im working on it

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    Well I was looking at them and thinking I could make one pretty easily.
    I would want a hardwood rather than the pine dowel option.
    I have some really nice yellow balau that would work well but the magnet link is invaluable.

    I dont like the idea of walking around with double stick, four sticks, straps, clips, extendable apparatus. feels like I am going camping and missing the top sheet!
    I do like the idea of a stick that works as .....well, a stick, when not in use.
    I use them when out shooting rabbits and have at times just taken a couple of unattached beanpoles. very simple to hold the poles together at the top and rest the rifle in the "V".

    "trouble", let me know if you make one

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