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Thread: explain this..

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    explain this..

    My S&B 6x42 is 1/4" click per 100m's. At 100m's I try ammo X, shoots 3" high, that should be 12 clicks down to correct,,,,WRONG!...I turn it down 3 clicks, and bang on...try it again, try it again, and still, 1" per does that work when the scope and manual say 1/4" per click???

    seriously,,explain that!

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    I was perplexed by my Nikon Monarch, all the info says it's 1/8th" clicks, but in reality it's 1/4". It's a pain in the arse 'till you figure it out.

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    Are you sure it's 1/4"? I thought most S&B scopes are 1cm per click at 100m... my 3 certainly are!

    It still doesn't explain why you are seeing the results you are though.... weird.


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    Thing is, I usually never have to touch my scope, except when moving between 100g and lighter bullets such as my current 87g. For example, the factory Federal 100g powershock shoots 3" lower than my 87g hornday BTHP with 35.5g Varget, but my Norma factory 100g sp's are same POI as the re-loads.

    could it be that my scope in fact does move, say 1cm per click, but the click only registers audio-wise every 3 or 4 clicks? and I was just listening for the click rather than visually checking each click??

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    Maybe you're a giant with a 4M stride and knackered rangefinder

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    Wait till you come across a scope turret that goes the opposite way!
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    Have zeroed many different types of sights, and they certainly don`t all do what it says on the tin!! All i would suggest is that you get used to your own sight with its quirks, as long as YOU know about it its not a problem.


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    I have never paid much attention to those numbers!

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    Finn, I once owned a russian scope that was arse about face, soon got rid of.

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    What's a click?

    My Swaro's only actually "click" every four steps......


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