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Thread: Hello All...

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    Hello All...

    It's been a while since I first made my account, and I must apologise to everyone for missing the site necessity for an introduction.

    I live in the Highlands of scotland, I shoot many calibres, including .303, 7 x 57, .223, .270, .243, 7.5 Swiss, 6.5 Jap. I only shoot targets, and my main reasons for being here are networking, loading detail and technical discussion relating to firearms.

    I am an engineer to trade, working in the oil industry. I am a welding and lifting gear inspector working on ropes (Abseil Access).

    Finally, thanks to Admin for this great site!

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    Hi Lee303

    Welcome, I am sure you will get lots of help on your loading detail.
    Plenty of guys on here take it very seriously, and only to willing to help.
    Your a long time dead..GET OUT THERE.

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    Thanks, miffy!

    The welcome is very much appreciated!!

    I am enjoying the site already, plenty info and plenty discussion on the subjects I am into....

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    Welcome Lee,
    the Highlanders are gathering, more and more appearing as the weeks pass ... I'm on the Black Isle, Cawdor Rifle Range is our place for the targets, usually pop along on the BDS days just.
    No doubt you'll get more than enough of teh data your looking for - I just buy them in packets, easier that way!!


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    Hi Phil, Thanks for the welcome.

    Yeah, there seems to be a serious amount of Highlanders here for sure, a few arrived in the short time I have been here, good stuff.

    Cawdor rifle range, I just checked out their site, I really was unaware that it even existed! This is so good to know, I am going to call them tomorrow without fail for a visit. Maybe they can help me put a few new things on ticket....

    Certainly easier to buy built rounds, but I really do enjoy the hand loading!

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    Hello Lee!
    Welcome! Nice choice in calibers!~Muir

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    Hey Muir! Thanks for the welcome...

    Yeah, most are military rifles. Lee Enfield, Swiss Schmidt, Japanese Arisaka Type 38 Jungle Carbine. The Arisaka has never been beaten on action strength, and that is right up to present day. The only rifle to withstand 6 x normal pressure, 300,000 PSI. It was tested by filling one case with the maximum amount of powder it would physically allow, then an extra two bullet heads jammed into the chamber ahead of the built round. The only problem that occured was a welded bolt. The bolt was replaced and the rifle shot as normal. This test was carried out by an American ballistics company. Outstanding performance and accuracy too.

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