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Thread: What Chiller ?

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    What Chiller ?

    My Double door coke chiller has finally died after many years faithful service, although it served well for Roe, Muntjac and CWD it was always a struggle with Fallow. I had no chance with a large buck unless it was bent in half or in two bite sized chunks.
    This time i am thinking of investing in a more professional bit of kit to do the job. I have been looking at the Tarrant small game chiller which can take upto 6 Roe or 4 Fallow and a similar unit from Cool Game Ltd.
    Both brands seem to have individual plus points the other does not, but do any of you guys have experience of either of the brands and if you do how do you rate them, good or the bad ??
    If there is any other brand of chiller out there with similar characteristics i would like to know about those too !
    All advice appreciated


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    hi simon,
    i dont have a chiller myself but i have been looking at them for a while now and you can get some right bargain's on e-bay, some are not so cheep so it all depends how much you want to pay.

    the accual unit that does the cooling in the professional units is usually a monoblock unit and there is a company called Zanotti which make a very good one, you can get them new on e-bay from around 1500. but they do come in all sorts of condition cheeper.
    if you do go second had ask about the refrigerant and stay away from R22, it's being phased out so may be costly to repair in future.

    i missed 3 monoblock units a few months ago in a job lot on ebay, i had a 300 max bid, i missed the end of auction and they went for 350!
    plan was to check them over repair if needed and sell one or two on to cover costs.

    good luck

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    What about this

    Sweeney Kincaid Industrial Auctioneering

    Had a look at other items in this auction. Stainless steel tables etc

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    a local farmer bought the back off a refrigerated van for 1500, which i then regassed for him. a cracking unit if you have the space?

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    Drop Pheasant Sniper a PM as he has been obtaining some very good chillers from shop refits and some are even fully stainless. He is in Dorset.

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    I use the box off the back of refrigerated delivery vans, have 3 of them 2 converted to freezers and 1 as a chiller. Best if you jack them up off the floor on sleepers. I purchased mine from a company in Wincanton, I paid a grand each for them. Chiller works really well.


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    Fishers do a tall professional version suitable for large species. You can also keep your eye out for a Fosters double stainless fridge used in the catering industry.

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    Quote Originally Posted by deer man View Post
    Fishers do a tall professional version suitable for large species. You can also keep your eye out for a Fosters double stainless fridge used in the catering industry.
    Word of caution with Fosters.... bloody expensive to fix if it goes wrong.

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    I've been using a Tarrant chiller for the last 6 years now, it was the first one they fitted in Scotland. We've got it inside an old stone out building. It's quite a large chiller and wasn't cheap (5K) but has never missed a beat and is on for about 200 days a year.


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    I have a Danfoss blue star compressor and evaporator sat in my garage. I have not got round to fitting it to a box yet but it would have to be big as the evaporator is about 4ft long! I am toying with making my own out of jab lite or something similar. Anybody made one?

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