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Thread: Eden Game Shooters Evening - Shepherds Inn Carlisle 24th March 2011

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    Eden Game Shooters Evening - Shepherds Inn Carlisle 24th March 2011

    Just wondered if anyone was planning to go to the above event, and can anyone remind me what/who will be there? I seem to remember the local paper suggested Robert Bucknell, the foxing supremo was attending, but can't find the details to confirm as I have chucked the newspaper! At the time I remember thinking that it would be a great event to see, but can't remember why!!!


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    Is that the Eden Valley Gamekeepers Association sir?

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    Hi Trouble, not sure if it is the EVGA that are organising it, but I have now found the article in the Northern section of the BASC magazine. Bushwear are sponsoring, and apparently Robert Bucknell, John Swift (BASC chief exec), forestry commission ranger Mike Thornley and a representative from Cumbria Constabulary will be attending along with limited selected trade stands, auction of 30 items of sport and FREE BUFFET !!! Open to members and non-members. I may just have to pop along...

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    Is there a number for booking tickets

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    Quote Originally Posted by trouble View Post
    Is there a number for booking tickets
    Try this link Eden Game Shooters Evening

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