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Thread: A Day On The Range

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    A Day On The Range

    Would anyone be interested in a Range day in May, on the bank holiday May 30th

    In Notts at Epperstone Range using the 100m Range, or the indoor Range, with rimfires & Gallery rifles if the weather is too bad.
    All free, of course. Tea & Coffee supplied with a smile
    Shooting 09.30-until you have had enough.
    Will run a small comp with some prizes for a laugh, if their is enough interest.

    Viking Arms are willing to attend and bring some of their new toys, a few Rifles with Ammo and a selection of scopes & binos for us all to have a go with.
    H&k have also said that they would let us use one of their new snipers rifles for the day.

    Please contact me if you are interested, so i have an idea of numbers.
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    Hiya Trev

    Had a great time the last time i was able to make it.. Look forward to seeing you there.


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    Good invite!

    Count me in too! I had a great time there last time you had an open day. Very relaxed day, clever bit of target comp too, based more on shooting in real circumstances than set up on a bench. I'll bring some jammy dodgers. Recommend this to all!

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