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Thread: Recipe For Sensitive Stomachs

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    Recipe For Sensitive Stomachs

    I posted a while ago when we were talking about a vizsla with a sensitive stomach.

    I eventually changed my dog onto James Wellbeloved lamb and rice but I have one more trick up my sleeve.

    When we have pups I like to feed them on Purina Pro Plan. A few years ago I spoke to the Purina rep at crufts and rightly or wrongly he said to me "Do you know why dogs fed on our food don't get the sh*ts"?

    I said no and he replied that it is because they put Bentonite Clay in the food.

    So I ordered some cosmetic grade bentonite from Ebay 950g for about 10.00

    I started putting 1 heaped teaspoon on my vizslas food. The upshot is that I can now feed her on the same food as all my other dogs, I can give her twice the amount she was on that would have run straight through her and she is starting to look like she should do.

    My friend has started to give bentonite to his cocker bitch (sprinkled on her food). She has always been intolerant to certain food and she is also putting weight on and has firmed up.

    Bentonite is naturally occurring and is one of the things that animals seek out and eat in the wild. They also use it in koi ponds for clumping togeather particles in the water and there is nothing more sensitive to anything bad than ornamental koi.

    Hopefully the info should be usefull to others.



    P.S. Please let me know how anyone else who tries this gets on. I started with 2 x heaped teaspoons but now I am down to 1 and the food intake has gone up. You might have to experiement with the size and breed of the dog.
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    never herd of it but one for the memory bank

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    We had similar problem have switched to a own brand gluten free feed from the local store. Seems to do the trick but the tip about bentonite is definately one to remember

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