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    aftenoon stroll

    My mates away for a couple of days and asked if i'd see to his dogs for him "and while your there you might as well have a look for a doe for the freezer" he said, happy days, so by four thirty the dogs had been ran, fed ,and watered. I headed for the high seat at the far end of the big bog, weather warm and sunny, slight breeze, perfect for the job i thought.Reached the high seat after a ten minute stroll, the briars had grown about three foot up the ladder, obviously nobody's been up here since last summer, but who cares, i am today. After getting cumfy, if you can call it that, on three old boards in a y in an old beech tree, anyway back to the job in hand, the bog is about 800 yards long by about 250 yards wide, mainly rashes with a few patches of whins, my side is a strip of mixed birch, beech, rhodis and a few pines for the full length, opposite side is mainly solid whin bushes with a few bits of rough grazing ,rifle, binos and new rangefinder, up the ladder and ready to go. First scan round with the binos spot a roe doe laying dozing in the sun right on the far side of the bog ,i know shes at least 250 yds away, check with the new rangefinder 267yds they say, ok, choice time i'm thinking, i've only just got up here, do i get straight back down and go for the stalk or stay up and see what else happens? anyway, decision made, staying put for now ,well she wasn't going any where just yet and i'm thinking ive got an hour and a half yet so keep looking, theres a couple o cock birds having a little set to further along to right, there's an old hare washing his face, check back on the doe she gives herself a little shake, gets up scratches an ear, sniffs her hoof, and proceeds to stroll off straight into the whins and im thinkin s**t, so start scanning round again and spot two white rumps about 400 yards on the right, stood on a little mound of grass with a couple o whins, that's it i'm thinking, i'm down from here now on the move when something drags my eye back to the old hare, just to his left i can see a lovely ginger thing maybe ten yards from him who then dissappears again into the rashes, now i'm really geed up, two quick little squeals and nothing, no sign, wait a minute another little squeal then i spot him pushing his way through the rashes, he's coming in quite quick now, 200yds out he bumps a pair o teal off a little splash in the bog, never even lifted his head just kept on coming, i'm thinking fifty yards i'll give him a shout to stop him, that never worked, he got to about 20 yards from the base o the ladder, looked up, boom lights out, when i got down to where he was laying he had spat a little vole out, you can just see it to the right of his nose, anyway, be gentle guys first ever report on here

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    I hope you had your mates permission to take foxes as well as the doe-otherwise your in the deep dooda!

    Nice write up, I am always tempted to drop charlie when I see them but think it will put the deer off the ground and ruin my stalking. So I just give them a lead injection at the nearby farm
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    Well done fella you will be in the good books now.

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