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Thread: What would one consider a timely renewal turn around?

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    What would one consider a timely renewal turn around?

    OK so it's the dreaded renewal time and visited Police HQ to hand it in personally and have the wallet lightened. During the conversation it came up that renewals were currently taking in excess of three months to do now I know from past experience they don't work very fast and the variation last year took 3 1/2 months to do .

    Surely this is getting dafter and not improving at all.

    Your thoughts would be appreciated.

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    I personally think the entire UK firearms system is a complete farce.

    A timely turn around would be days, and most definitetly not months, although I do realise this area is also a complete farce which leads to ridiculous renewal times and many other hoop-jumping piss takes.

    Such a shame where things are heading, it's already riddled in contradictions, open ended non-direct laws and loopholes.

    Also, no doubt in the near future things will change to the degree where only registered stalkers working for an estate, or farmers etc will have access to any type of firearm.

    At the end of the day, our rifles do NOT belong to us.

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    I get a visit by appointment from FEO approx 3 months before expiry, checks security and any changes at this time
    leaves form with request to return it as soon as is practical.
    I have no problem with this, in fact I have no real problem with my firearm department, though from what I have heard not all in my area would agree.

    I do a large number of visitors firearm permits each year normally the Police require 28 working days to process they do say that they will try to process quicker in an emergency but cant guarantee, sounds fair enough!

    Last year due unforseen circumstances they processed a visitors permit for me in three days, thats what I call service

    Teenage grandson applied for his first FAC three weeks from applying to receiving his ticket

    so I am happy with the service I receive from my firearms department.

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    I've just put a variation in and had a (verbal) indication of a 2-3 week turnaround....
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    I've just spent 4 months getting a grant! (mind you the first 3 weeks don't count as it took that long for them to send back the form for me to fill in the box where it said referees name and address ) the last month was down to HQ demanding proof of a particular piece of land to be shot over contrary to HO guidance! (I had stated from the get go that my intention was to take paid outings rather than land of my own,this was finally sorted out with the aid of Ianf).having said that I got all I asked for so alls good I would also like to thank Sako243 (Rob) and Ianf for their help in putting my case, especially Ian who was above and beyond in his freely given advise and assistance.
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    if it take more than 6 weeks then they should get jobs in motorway restaurants like little thief, variations about 2 weeks unless it's unusual stuff

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    Last year I put in for 3 one for one variations that one took 3 1/2 months and a visit to Nettleham to get it correct. As I said I took this in and handed it over so I know they have it and cannot br blamed on the post office.

    They admitted that even if I had submitted the forms in December it would not have been done by now and they have also said they are not processing new grants only variations and renewals taking priority. As I have said before Lincolnshire are very poor on service. I shall wait a while then ask for a temp permit luckily I have enough ammunition and bullets for loadign to keep me going as I cannot buy more of course even with a temp permit.

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    My renewal was completed in 10 days once the paper work was submitted. Big thumbs up for the Grampian firearms team

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    After 60 years mine comes up again this August.
    I will get a turn-around in less than a month hopefully. [Good old Cumbria Constabulary.]


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    Go on rub it in Lincolnshire are well known for being very poor in thsi respect.

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