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Thread: Smart Reloader puller

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    Smart Reloader puller

    can anyone testify if this is any good, and if there's a collet that'll take a .243?

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    Sorry, can't help on that, but in all honesty I would recommend the Hornady Cam-lock bullet puller over just about all the others

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    Inertia pullers are a waste of time unless you really want to vent....


    Hornady puller will damage the die if you are a bit heavy when tightening the collet (I have one.. bought the rcbs, much stronger construction!)

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    I have this type of puller , but you have to be quite hard on it to work , there is a collet which holds the round and I would think it would serve your requirement ,
    I would use it on 22,250 etc but for larger cal rounds with neck tension a die type puller is the way to go,


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    Quote Originally Posted by j0e_bl0ggs View Post
    Hornady puller will damage the die if you are a bit heavy when tightening the collet
    Set up any tool incorrectly and you risk damaging it

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    I bought an RCBS kinetic hammer a while back. Hardly used it and if I could go back in time I would buy a proper collet type


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    I have that very puller, it will pull 22 hornet, .223, .243 and .308 and many more I have not tried.
    Would I buy one again, not a chance, it has damaged every expanding bullet I have pulled, and dumped most of the powder on the floor, not to mention struggling with any factory ammo, and failing completely on anything with an obvious crimp.
    I now use a collet type puller in the press.


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    I can't believe some of the posts here. There seems to be some sort of cost snobbery when some-one asks for advice on kit .... whether this happens to be rifles, optics, 'scope mounts, reloading dies, cartridge cases, bullets, or whatever.

    Get real. A bullet puller is bought for occasional use as a necessary bit of kit. It's a means of correcting your mistakes -too much powder, too deeply-seated bullets, or de-activating cartridges you don't have on your FAC. As such a hammmer-type bullet puller does the job.

    I can't see how anyone can possibly go wrong with one of these. You have to be extraordinarily ham-handed to damage bullets with it as these emerge unscathed. You are far more likely to distort bullets with a collet/press assembly which costs several times more.

    I've got the same beaten up Quinetic-Q inertia bullet puller that I bought 25 years ago. Over time it has taken apart hundreds of pistol, and small rifle to magnum rifle rounds to retrieve components. Most of these have been reloaded to form more accurate or safer loads.

    I've looked at the Reloading Armoury look-alike encased in cellophane, and it's got all the bits I need as a replacement. It's 20 quid but is worth it's weight in gold.

    Just buy it, and ignore sniffy advice unless you are a major league ammo 'reassembler'.
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    Glad you got that off your chest mate!
    Nevertheless, in my humble opinion, collet style pullers are better tools

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