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Thread: Foxing with Lamp and Rifle OR Going Foxing

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    Foxing with Lamp and Rifle OR Going Foxing

    For the keen fox spotlighter (lamper) which is the better book?

    Any opinions appreciated.


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    Foxing with lamp and rifle is a good read

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    Should have saved my money with 'going foxing' still they look good together on the bookcase, go for foxing with lamp and rifle

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    I have a brand new copy of foxing with lamp and rifle for sale.

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    dc5 how much you looking for, for the book?

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    Thanks guys. It was FWL&R which first appealed to me anyway. Thanks for the advice.

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    had a look through going foxing at the shooting show last week, ok but not worth the 30, pretty thin and just the usual stuff in it.
    you can learn loads on the net about the new topics covered.

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    You need both!

    No matter how much you read them you will always dip in to them. I brought the first on by sheer chance at the MGF not long after it was published and before I started serious foxing. Since then it has been an indispensable source of information. I purchased the latest copy last year and it is still a very useful book. I was suprised no detail on range finding bins.

    I do profoundly disagree about some of the authors view on bullets. I use 60grn v max's and never get runners (re his obligatory 50yd run) also I have never experienced the so called explosive superficial wounds, although have seen a few disemboweled foxes from the exit wound.


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