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    New member Hampshire

    Hi All

    Getting back into stalking after a long break, have just changed my sako .243 for a blaser R8 6.5 x 55. Chose a blaser because i have shot a blaser F3 shotgun for the past 5 years and can't fault it.

    I have shot clays and game for many years and regularly pick up with my lab.

    I have been invited out with a local syndicate a couple of times on the Dorset/ hants border and had forgotten how much i enjoyed stalking.

    We be aiming to do alot more stalking in the future.


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    Welcome to the site broadside, enjoy! I often visit Hampshire stalking/shooting, lovely part of the country.

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    Welcome to the site.

    I'm based Wilts/Hampshire border and trying to find stalking opportunities down here since moving down here from Yorkshire about 3 years ago.

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