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Thread: New to reloading in high peak and needs help...

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    New to reloading in high peak and needs help...

    There needs to be a degree course in this subject. I've looked at lots of threads, lots of web sites and you tube. I think I'm more confused than when I started looking. As with most things, lots of kit and everyone says a different ones the best. I don't long range target shoot, but like an accurate rifle. Is there anyone who can
    A) someone tell me what make and model things I need
    B) Is there anyone in the high peak area who knows their stuff who can show me how to use it. As I imagine if left to learn on my own it will be long and expensive learning curve.
    Regards oli

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    Hi,i live just north of belper,if you want any advice i would gladley help. Ian.

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    i cant advise on kit as everyone likes different stuff but i went el cheapo at first with a lee classic loader which got me hooked and i progressed to a press ,i still use the classic loader as its great out in the field for fine tuning loads but if your ever passing yorkshire and you want to pop in i will take you through each step im sure you will have someone closer with an offer ,atb wayne ps csl has a great post on reloading at the top of this section ,very helpfull

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    I wouldn't take advice from anyone without checking in a most scrutinising fashion first (especially not from forums and youtube) when it comes to reloading details, stick to the true ballistics professionals and buy THIS book, then call Henry Krank with all your requirements. Provided you aren't planning a major depth in reloading, I would stick with Lee Precision's line of equipment. Very reasonable prices, and ALL you will need to get the job done.
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    Where in the HP are you matey and what calibres are you reloading for?
    I'd rather have a bottle in front of me than a frontal lobotomy!
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