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Thread: .243 and Sierra 85 Grn BTHP #1530

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    .243 and Sierra 85 Grn BTHP #1530

    Having looked at the threads covering this bullet at the Newark show I picked up a box from Norman Clarks stand. This afternoon I tried five rounds loaded with H4831 powder so see if the Midland 2100 .243 liked them or not. Seems it does show disticnt promise . Now I chose a mid range load as the Lee 3.4cc dipper throws 46.0grains of this powder and the old Hodgdons #26 maual says 44.0-48.0 grains. In the case this load is 100% loading and initially I seated the bullet to the base of the neck so the BT part is just below the neck/shoulder juncture.

    This gives the bullet a bit of a jump so now I will try altering the seating depth to close the jump and see if it improves the grouping or not.

    So far the load development/testing has been done without the use of the sound moderator so that will need to be tested as well. Hopefully we have a good shootign old rifle here .

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    Hi BH a mate of mine uses this round to good effect over 37gr of vit N140. It seems to be very accurate with very little meat damage on roe. i just need to source some myself.

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    Ive used this round (factory loaded) as a great crossover fox/ deer round. I was interested to see how it dealt with fallow, my main deer quarry, and was pleased with the results, only a few runners albeit short distances.

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    This seems to be the thing with this bullet for some reason it just seems to work. Perhaps Sierra got it right on this one any way I have processed a box of once fired factory Remington R.P brass, sized, trimmed the loaded. I weighed a case and compared it to the Federal brass I was using before and the R.P is 12 grains lighter so that means pressures will more than likely be a bit lower. So have load five with the same recipe I shot this afternoon then using my split neck case got the OAL tot he leade with this bullet then worked out to 0.005" off the lands ende up with these COL's:-

    2.665" this is the one with bullet base to neck/shoulder.

    The COL with the bullet seated by chambering the case with the split neck is 2.730" so depending on weather and if I get the time I shall try to test these out tomorrow for grouping.

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    Hi Kev. I'm now using this bullet for my next few deer as I picked up the remnants of a box with some cases a friend gave me. I'm not sure on the charge I settled on (H4831), but 46grns does seem to ring a bell. As for seating depth, I seated mine by half a calibre and luckilly it shoots spot on. 1" group is the norm.
    Shot 2 munties with this load the other day, both were shoulder shots, both at about 60m. The animals dropped to shot and never moved a muscle. Exit wounds were about golfball sized, so I'd say the bullet is about ideal for these animals. I've yet to try it on roe, but it will happen.
    See attached pic for how well this load groups.
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    You can't say muntjac without saying, Mmmmmm.

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    I did a little test out back and they seem to group OK. Will hopefully get to the range later today (Sunday) and try them at 82 yards (75m).

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    Hi guys, i use this bullet for fox and deer with 36 grn of Varget and it just really works.No runners to date and it flies pretty flat out to 200yrds.I love it and probably wont change ever.

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    just to throw my two penneth in... as a complete newbie to the 'big guns'. i was hoping to use a one round for all type thing in my naivety. my first thought was something about the 80 grn that would do for any fox/roe that i might come across when i start, in order to avoid the need to re zero each time i go out....i may start to do the homeloading or see if the priv ammo suits my rifle once i have it. i take it my idea of one bullet for both roe deer and fox is ok. if i go up to bigger deer than i will have to change my round no doubt?


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    I may be missing something here , why not just use a 95-100gr round all bases covered simples.

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    I bought a box of these last week for exactly the same reason, a halfway house for fox and Roe deer. I worked up a load using 43 grains of Viht 160, which seems very consistent and promising on a paper target. I have yet to use them on a live beast but very encouraged by what I have read in this post so far.

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