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Thread: HMR Parallax question

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    HMR Parallax question

    Hi guys,
    A question about parallax adjustment or fixed parallax scope, on a .17 HMR shooting out to about 50 to 150 yards is there any need to have parallax adjustment on the scope or is fixed a parallax scope good enough for the job,

    Kind is Regards

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    I had a fixed parallax on my .22 RF, some people like them some don't. I suppose it what's available at your budget.

    Position and hold must be firm enough to support the firearm
    The firearm must point naturally at the target without any undue physical effort
    Sight alignment (aiming) must be correct
    The shot must be released and followed through without disturbing the position

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    I would surgest a fixed parallex , but a variable powered scope ,
    This will give finer detail for your for your longer shots ,
    Have a good look through the scope at the different magnifications ,with a fine rectical and good glass you can be very precise ,
    The good glass will pay you , when the light is going .

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    Hi Garry,

    The vast majority of fixed parallax scopes are parallax free at 100 metres. The more you deviate from that distance the larger the error. You can very easily see parallax error by aiming such a scope say at a target 30yards away. Have the rifle rested so that you don't have to hold it and look through the scope. If you move your head to any direction the point of aim changes. If you do the same on a target 100 metres away the poa should be the same.

    I have spend years shooting air rifles and I have always used scopes with parallax adjustment. I also have one on my .22lr which allows me to eliminate parallax error when I am shooting comps at 20 yards in the range and also be able to shoot rabbits at all ranges within the calibre's limits.

    Another advantage of adjustable parallax is that you can use the parallax wheel as an approximate range finder and you have a better idea of how many mil dots up or down you should aim.

    If you get a scope with and adjustable objective (which is how the parallax is corrected) go for one that the adjustment is on a turret rather on the objective bell. It is far easier to adjust whilst hunting.

    I have used to MTC Viper range and for the price they are fantastic scopes. Their disadvantages are that they are big and relatively heavy thus ruining somewhat the aesthetics of a hunting rifle. I also have a Falcon which is slightly more expensive but I don't like it as much as the MTC.

    Have a look at Uttings


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    Hi GarryS

    Parallax is very dependant on the objective lens diameter, the bigger it is, the more parallax you are likely to experience.

    High quality scopes with small objectives will still be useable in low light, providing the magnification is set low.

    Fixed parallax scopes are much easier to use whilst hunting. ie. no adjustments.

    The distances you are shooting at 50 - 150yds, I would recommend a 100yd parallax free scope not an air rifle scope set at 30 yds.

    A good scope is an investment and should serve you well.


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    TBH I have tried both and never really used the parallax adjustment, mainly because I didnt really see it making much difference!

    I now have a 6-20x40 on my HMR, rarely touch the parallax turret and it tends to stay between 15-20x

    think if you need it to make shots at 20yds and 200yds you have bigger issues with trajectory estimates!

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    I've got side adj paralax on a leupold on my 17hmr and its a waste of space,set it on 100yds and concentrate on mounting rifle properly,i dont know how people have time to mess about with it in the field most of my rabbits would be long gone,best just have a scope set at 100 and get used to it IMO.

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    HA, couldnt agree more

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