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Thread: Basic Metallic Cartridge Reloading Course - Scotland

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    Basic Metallic Cartridge Reloading Course - Scotland

    I spotted this last night as I waited for my PC to reboot.

    BASC - Scotland Training Courses

    24 March 2011 at Trochry

    Contact details: Contact Shooting Standards 01244 573018

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    Thanks for the heads up.I am in Edinburgh car share if you were going.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mark-joppa View Post
    Thanks for the heads up.I am in Edinburgh car share if you were going.
    Mark. Thanks, but I don't plan going. Too many other things on and work comes first. I just thought I would let folk know it was on. Rgds JCS
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    Just starting on reloading so may be a good thing to go along.Thanks again !

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    Called to enquire about course,it is for complete novice.125 per place

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    Has anyone taken this course? Is it worth the 125 for a complete novice, or can you (more or less) learn the course content on your own?

    Cheers, YT.

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    I think it might be an idea to use the site and ask if there are any members near to you that home load. Christ its not really rocket sience i can and do reload.
    125 are you sure that is the price???

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    I taught myself using a few reloading manuals the instructions that came with my Lee reloading equipment and, of course, some commonsense. Having said that, once you get started you will probably do more and more reading on the subject...... only some of this extra reading teaches you anything of real additional value, from what you learned at the start.

    The Vihtavuori manual (and their powders) have proved particularly rewarding for me.

    Being shown things by an "expert" would probably have speeded up the learning process, but since I've witnessed more than a few experts that proved to be grade1 a-holes I'd say you shouldn't worry about taking a bit of extra time to teach yourself, if you still can't figure out something maybe asking questions on here (for instance) is the way forward.

    btw... it's not very hard to learn at all... I hope you enjoy it.

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    I second the DIY advice. 125 is a typical fee for this sort of course, but you could buy a starter kit for that sort of dosh.

    There are some good instructional videos... sorry CD's.... out there which are a cheaper option. The RCBS one is really good, but most of the load manuals such as Modern Reloading 2nd Ed. from Lee give a comprehensive coverage.

    If you value your spare time stay away from handloading. It can take over your life, and only encourages a desire for more and more calibres to conquer.

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    When I have been to Trochry on a course in the past I always booked it through Trochry.When I called today I was sent through head office and to be honest the person on the end of the phone had more interest if I was ordering a pizza.It was as if she was reading from a cornflake box and did not make it sound it was worth #125.

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