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Thread: wildcat moderator !!!

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    wildcat moderator !!!

    Wrong place I know ,
    should have gone to spec-savers , you have 12 hours to see if I am going in the right path ! .243 and .308 in tomorrow for threading and fitting of wildcat Mods.!After convoluting and regurgitating info derived from site . In your opinion am I making the right choice!!!
    I realize its horses for courses!
    Cheers Trapper (should be interesting)

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    JetZ has to be the best on the market,there is however a down side, they hang off the end of the barrel taking the weight further forward.
    But they don't rot and and are extremely quiet!


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    Are you buying 2 Wildcats? You could use the same one for both if you get the correct swappable components and obviously get it proofed for the larger caliber, should cost you about 2/3rds the cost of 2 Wildcats.

    I rate them very very good, would be wanting one if I didn't have one, well two.....I hear nothing but praise for them from many scourses.


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    Dont want to muck about , with this n that changing adapting etc, thanks for info , just want 1/ for 1 . heard that a T8 is tinny and wilcat is more substantial , bearing in mind each has a 200+ price ! and I dont mean beanz!

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    I also have a jetz would not touch a t8 after my mate had one rot. they are very good and quiet . down side they hang off the end BUT thet don't look like a drain pipe on your rifle. IMO

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    I've been a T8 man for years, used them on all my rifles from .222 to 7x57 just changed the bush to change from rifle to rifle.
    No tinny noise due to using a muffler, no rusting, very quiet and not too heavy.
    But I've just recently got a Predator and all that has changed.
    I now have the Predator and a selection of bushes and it now changes from rifle to rifle.
    No chance of rusting, certainly not tinny and slightly lighter, definately better made than the T8 and as quiet as.
    I have the Predator 8 and the Predator Styre for my shorter barrel rifle. Wise choice, well done.

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    True T8's are a bit tinny, but that should not matter because if the deer hears the "ting"..... YA MISSED IT

    Self solving problem

    I shot a stag (Roe) that was in a group of four and could easily have taken several of the rest, as they did not move. I shot from around 100yrds, and nothing moved despite the "ting"

    The T8 is very quiet. and a squirt of WD down the end solves any corrosion issues.

    There are of course other choices and I'm not saying that The T8 is any better. but it works fine.

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    The T8 WHILE DOING WHAT IT SAYS ON THE TIN HAS imo SEEN ITS day and should have been revamped the ones that do a better job at the same price range are the wildcat and the stealth if i was to choose one of them it would be the new wild cat.There is the question do you go up the next 100 notes to the new batch of mods .JET Z ATEC NOT FOR ME 300 NOTES for a tube of metal with a integral muzzle brake i don't think so.
    I was talking to the chap Colin who first had the contract for the Atec and he was paying 80 a unit.

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    My T8 is quiet and if it rots you can get a replacement under the warranty, or even when out of warranty they offer you a very much reduced replacement unit.

    Why pay through the nose for something that will do exactly the same job?

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    moderators are for girls! see, no moderator

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