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Thread: Hallo from Scotland

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    Hallo from Scotland

    Hi everyone just joined up ,ive been shooting about 36 years all aspects enjoyed ,geting on a bit but still just a laddie.
    Various shotguns .22-250 for fox and .243 for deer too many dogs and nae hair.

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    Hello Hoolit, Welcome, where in Scotland are you ?.

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    Just stubbled on your post,welcome from another jock ( we will see what Sunday brings,humped as usual)

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    Welcome Hool!

    Sounds like you're a veterin of stalking. I am starting to have the same problem with my hair!!

    Your post was missed for a while, mark-jop has kindly bumbed it to the top of the 'recent posts'...

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    Welcome, good to see another member North of England-Shire. I'll guess your an East Coast man.
    I'm from the Black Isle (which is totally white today!!)

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    Welcome to the site. its also white in Nairn

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