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    Newbie from East Anglia


    I'm Richard; have been stalking mainly fallow and muntjac for as long as I've had my FAC ( approx 8 years now) .

    I started shooting when I was at school, first with the .22 and then onto the so called 'full bore' ( 303 and 7.62) Shot schools comp at Bisley for a few years running , normally over 200yrds and 300yrd IIRC.

    Didn't again pickup a rifle until I started to run a farm in Suffolk and then got into bunny bashing and stalking.

    First deer rifle was a Parker Hale 1200 in .270 bought for 25 from an old keeper who had only put 100 rounds through it; but eventually I got my current rifle which is a tikka m695 , still in .270.
    This one came from McLeods of Tain and was an unused Estate rifle traded in, rightly or wrongly it had been shortened to make it more accomadating in a vehicle but importantly was screw cut ,so has a mod on it now . Due to the shortening of the barrel I had to find a factory load which used fast burning powder , which turned out to be Federal.

    I'm a massive fan of the .270 but appreciate that everyone else has thier own views; I shoot with a couple of friends who have traditionally used 243 and have always been impressed with the knock down ability if the 270, so much so they now have 308's!!!

    I'm into stalking and old land rovers so a perfect match really !!


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