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    What do you think this is, ive got loads of pics of fallow and will post one as a comparison

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    A Muntjac with a gas mask on?

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    has the settings been change in your cam mate.
    very weird looking and seems like it has an extra leg.
    eyes are elongated also.
    would not like to guess mate. if you find out what it is do tell.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Jinga View Post
    A Muntjac with a gas mask on?

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    I reckon its a fallow pricket. With odd little lumps/tines above the coronets.
    The coat would say fallow with lighter demarcation below the midline as is noticeable on melanistic phase.
    Why ? What do you think ?

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    fallow pricket

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    Quote Originally Posted by 223 View Post
    fallow pricket

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    i dont really know what it pics of this old camera are a bit *****...but seems awfull small or low to the dround to be a fallow prickett, ive got an 8 mega pixel camera now ill put that out, just dosent seem right to me....wallaby..???
    all the other fallow around there seem bigger...

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    wallerby was my first though mate

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