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Thread: Stalking in the Scottish Borders

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    Stalking in the Scottish Borders

    I have a couple of syndicates running which are up for renewal. Due to a couple of the older members dropping out I have a couple of places available for DMQ 1 qualified stalkers.
    PM me and give me your phone number if you're interested.

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    give us a ring rodge on <phone number removed>
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    Guys, best to PM each other your contact details. I've removed the phone number above as I doubt you want the entire world knowing your mobile!


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    good evening,

    where is the syndicate located (i.e. nearest town), what is the cost and how many beasts are typically taken?

    cheers, Dan

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    Thanks for all the numerous replies - no more applications thanks as I am swamped.
    For those who have PM'd I'll get to contact you over the next few days.
    Thanks again for the interest.

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    phodgson40 - your email address doesn't work - pm me please.

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    Hi there,

    I am interested in your stalking.

    there are 3 of us looking for a place

    please let me know at

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