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    my lab bitch is on the 13th day of her first season and its driving my lab dog nuts in the next run which in turn is sending us there anything you can do to help things?or just grin and bear it.i dont want her injected to miss any seasons and hope to take a litter off her in a year or two.shes 2 in october.

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    Hi tika.308
    Unfortunately not a lot you can do. The dog has to learn to live with it. Don't bother with all the so called remedies to mask it ,they don't work.
    I would advise you not to have her injected to postpone seasons as occasionally adverse reaction. You want to breed from her and don't have her speyed at the end of her breeding life as labs are a nightmare to keep slim afterwards. Any additional info you may require pm me.

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    tika the only thing i can say
    is put her in the bloody kitchen out of the way
    just imagine some bird in a mini and low cut putting it on you every day, how would you feel (don't say with both hands )
    that poor little beggar, must be bigger than a cows udder by now

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    thanks lads,at least im at the cla on friday so i will get a bit of peace

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    You may want to breed from the bitch but what about the dog? Does he really need those knackers? He'd probably settle down a lot without them.

    Had the old springer we adopted done and he's been great since. Still got bags of energy (I was surprised), smells less and doesn't give a fig about nookie.

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