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    Brief Intro

    Hello all,
    i would like to introduce myself to your membership. I work in the energy sector and do not come from a shooting stock. I started shooting again at my local Air rifle club, like many i guess i got myself a permission to shoot Rabbits but after cutting my teeth for a year i applied for my Firearms cert. I was granted an HMR and have been very happy shooting with this. My permissions have increased and so did my interest in moving on to Centerfire. I have now been granted .243 and Fox named on my quarry with the condition that when i complete my DSC1 i will be able to add Deer to my licence.
    I stumbled accross your forum and as yet have not read any of your posts but will now have a good look round.
    Any tips for taking my DSC1 would be appriciated. Cheers...Tom

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    Evening Tom,

    Welcome along. Heaps of good stuff on here. It does get a bit addictive though - so be warned!

    Good luck with DSC1. I'll be doing taking the plunge later this year.


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    good evening thomas

    just a little pointer whether it makes any odds to you or not i dont know but its not a legal requirement for you to have dsc1 to have your .243 to shoot deer they tried that crap with me didn't work. me 1 rozzers 0. contact BASC firearms team if you need any advice....

    regards, Jez

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    Thanks Jez, i will contact BASC as you suggest

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