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Thread: Dorset Fallow

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    Dorset Fallow

    Here are some Dorset fallow making the most of a) a bit of sunshine b) Some peace and quiet and c) the lee side of a hedge to get some R&R and a bit of shut eye

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    Hi Andy,

    Did you manage to shatter their peace and quiet with that 30-06 of yours...
    Blessed be the sheeple for they shall inherit bugger all...

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    Hi Terry,

    When I took these pictures on Monday morning I did just happen to have a Fallow spiker in the back of the jeep. How did you guess? It wasnt to the .30-06 though, I got it with the .243 this time on the little farm you have been on. My first ever fallow off that ground!

    The photo's were taken from the road on the way back.

    All the best mate!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lakey View Post
    Great pics...quite a number there. Is it me, or is everyone else noticing that more and more, they're happier to group in larger bunches?

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